Design Studio

(ARCH 3015 / 3016)

First design laboratory for the Professional Program in Architecture. Provides for exploratory investigation and analysis of the fundamental design principles, technical concepts and applications, and the measures of quality in architecture.

Prof. Markus Bonauer, Mo/We/Fr 9am-1pm

Building Analysis

(ARCH 3054)

Study of exemplary built works of architecture through analysis of design documents, interviews, and inspection of actual construction. Course is completed as a group project resulting in both an oral presentation and a written document.

Prof. Tiffany Taraska, Tue 2pm-5pm

Building Assemblies

(ARCH 3046)

The designs of building assemblies, elements, systems and sub-assemblies are studied. Building assemblies as controlled by formal idea, geometry, construction, materials, details, structure, function, enclosure, and finish work are considered.

Prof. Markus Bonauer, Tue/Thu 2-4pm

Professional Practice*

(ARCH 4044)

Introduction to scope and diversity of the building enterprise, addressing private and public macroeconomic, industrial, technical, professional, and regulatory institutions. Analysis of historic evaluation of professional roles and practices; emergence of new modes of practice, including innovative facilities procurement methods.

Prof. Markus Bonauer & Prof. Tiffany Taraska, Mo/Wed 2-4pm

*taught only in 2010 at Blacksburg Campus